Payment methods



The prices applicable to the Products (hereinafter the “Price(s)”) and any delivery charges (hereinafter “Delivery Charges”) are those published on the Website at the time the Order is placed.
The Prices and Delivery Charges represent the rateable value + tax applicable in Italy.

Despite every best effort, it is not possible to exclude errors in the Prices published on the Website. The Seller will check the Price is correct before sending an Order and Delivery Confirmation to the Customer. If due to a technical or material error or other issues, the Price published on the Website is lower than the correct price of the Product, the Seller will contact the Customer to make sure they wish to proceed with the purchase of the Product at the correct higher price. Should the Customer not wish to proceed, the Proposed Order will be cancelled. If the Price published on the Website is higher than the correct Price of the Product, the Order will be processed at the correct lower price.


Payments can be made using one of the methods listed in the “Methods of Payment” section on the Website.

All main debit/credit cards and prepaid cards are accepted. Payments made with debit/credit cards will incur no additional fees. It is worth reminding that the Seller does not have visibility of the card details of the Customer, which are managed directly by the third party that provides the payment service. Therefore, the Seller does not handle or retain such payment data.
As a consequence, in no case shall the Seller be liable for the fraudulent use of debit/credit cards or prepaid cards by a third party.

When the Customer chooses the Cash on Delivery payment option, the Order must be paid in cash or with a bank draft directly to the courier who delivers the Products. The Customer can choose to make Cash on Delivery payments in cash or with a bank draft. The option is available only for products featured in the catalogue, with no personalisation and/or additions and for the maximum value of €350, including applicable fees, tax, any additional charges, etc. Bank drafts should be made payable to ISACCO srl.

Payments with debit/credit cards or bank transfer can only be made in advance and have no amount limit.