Orders and deliveries



Each order includes:

  • the Products ordered and gifts when applicable;
  • any documents required in the Country of destination;
  • any relevant information and marketing materials.

The Products will be handed over to the courier chosen by the Seller. Information on additional costs and delivery times and method is always available on the Website in the “Deliveries” section.
The Products are delivered as follows:

  • to the address provided by the Customer
  • to an arranged approved location from where the Customer will have arranged the collection.

If the Products are not collected by the Customer within a set period of time – after which the courier will return the goods it holds in storage to the Seller – or if the Products sent to the address chosen by the Customer are not received, the Order will be cancelled. Any credit owed to the Customer will not be refunded but will be valid towards their next orders.

The amount of credit is not increased by the fact that the products are personalised and/or made especially for the Customer.

Upon receiving the Products, the Customer is responsible for checking that the package is intact and that no immediately visible damage has been caused to it (ex. wet or broken box, etc.). In the event of an issue, the Customer must ask the courier to make a note of the damage and sign for the delivery “with reserve”. Unless this procedure is followed, the Customer will not have a claim.

The Website allows Customers to browse and order products regardless of their nationality and geographical location.
The Customer will have the right to have the Products delivered at the address chosen as long as the address is located within the Country shown on the invoice that will be issued by the Seller, as indicated by the Customer.

For example: if the Customer is located in Country X and places an order via the Website of Country Y, the Products will only be delivered to an address in Country X, however the Customer will be able to autonomously arrange and pay to ship the Products to Country YX or any other Country they like.