Professional Work Clothing

Isacco offers you a wide range of professional clothing, soft and comfortable, and it ensures you the maximum practicality. From medical coats to service uniform, our clothes are easy to wash and easy iron.

Who said that professional clothing has only to be comfortable? Isacco professional clothing is not only practical and comfortable; Isacco professional clothing is also elegant. It is perfect for those people who work closely with customers and patients.

Isacco is specialized in producing professional clothing; these clothes are suitable for several professional categories: from estheticians to chefs, from sommeliers to nurses and these clothes also respect the exigencies and the needs of each work activity.

Isacco does not think just to grown-ups, it also thinks about kids. Kids face new adventures in school every day, Isacco has a wide range of pinafores, soft and colorful, they will accompany kids during the school year and they will protect them from tempering stains and markers.

People who work several hours a day between patients to treat and electric cookers to handle, know very well that it is very important to wear perspiring and practical clothes. Comfortable professional clothes are fundamental to do your best at work. That is why we use only the best fabrics to produce our clothes: pure wool, perspiring cotton, it will be impossible not to feel comfortable, even during the hardest days.

The fabric is not the only thing that matters, the fit is also very important: that is why Isacco spent the last 20 years in experimenting new models, differentiated between man and woman. Isacco does not want to offer a good fit; Isacco wants to offer the best one!

Thanks to its twenty years of experience and thanks to its professionalism dresses up the Italian Chefs Federation.  

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